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Associate Director of Education
Associate Director of Education
Associate Director of Education


Catch Jess on stage! November 1-4, 2023

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"Directed by Jess Griffin and featuring a cast of fresh and energetic performers who bring Matilda The Musical to glorious life onstage, CCP has another resounding hit to its credit, which might be quite unlike anything that's come before it and heralds even more technical and design innovation that sets the company apart from all others in the region."

- Jef Ellis, Broadway World Nashville

Link to full review here.

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"Jess Griffin plays Jovie, Buddy’s love interest...Griffin is so relatable as Jovie. When Buddy tries to get her to sing along and “spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear,” Jovie claims she doesn’t sing. But, when she does, it is wonderful to listen to Griffin’s voice ring like a silver bell on stage."


Rebekah Bohannon Beeler,

The Crossville Chronicle

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"As the sophisticated, cynical and world-weary staffers at Alice's literary journal offices, Jesse Kortus (as Daryl Ames) and the aforementioned Jess Griffin (as Lucy Grant) very nearly steal the show in every scene in which they crack wise and provide comic relief - their "Another Round," performed with Ross Griffin and McDonald's triple-threat ensemble, is a rollicking highlight of the show's second act."

_ Jef Ellis, Broadwayworld Nashville

Link to full review here

Pat Robbenault (The Crossville Chronicle) says:

"Petite, multi-talented Jess Martin has the opportunity to show her vocal and acting skills in the role of Sister Mary Robert.

 She sings touchingly of "The Life I Have Never Led." She brings her powerful, lovely voice to the role. I celebrate her presence as part of the Playhouse family."

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