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Associate Director of Education
Associate Director of Education



"Directed by Jess Griffin and featuring a cast of fresh and energetic performers who bring Matilda The Musical to glorious life onstage, CCP has another resounding hit to its credit, which might be quite unlike anything that's come before it and heralds even more technical and design innovation that sets the company apart from all others in the region."

- Jef Ellis, Broadway World Nashville


" Matilda The Musical is a bona fide hit for Cumberland County Playhouse, thanks to Griffin's superb direction, Leila Jones' athletic and complex choreography, Ron Murphy's expert music direction (his ten-member band play the score with passion and verve), and a design aesthetic that is visually stunning, if not eye-popping. The thorough commitment of the company to undertake such a challenging production results in entertainment that's appropriate for audiences of all ages."

- Jef Ellis, Broadway World Nashville

  directing REel 

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content creation

  • experience in:
    •  Creative Content Creation


    •  directing teasers, trailers, and behind the scenes videos

    • organizing studio promotional shoots

    •  creating content for Instagram and Facebook posts

    • creating Promotional/recruitment materials for programming

    • designing study guides

    • website design

portfolio available by request

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